Millet’s dream is clear…

“On unsanitized mountain terrain, humans face the slope head-on: with or without crampons, zigzagging uphill to save energy, placing our feet precisely on rock or ice, shifting deftly from boulder to scree, clinging to the underside of a steep grassy slope… we hungrily eat up elevation, ankles flexing freely, confident in our shoes.”

…and that flawless trail running experience is something they’ve gone to extreme lengths to actualise with the Alpine Rush.

Made to withstand swift shifts in elevation and rugged terrains, it’s a name that sticks. It’s a shoe that’s fluid, pacy and precise — bursting at the seams with smart technology, it’s got real substance, plenty of admirers and is backed by fierce innovation.

Michelin have been privileged to collaborate with some of the best outdoor sportswear manufacturers in the game, co-developing footwear that does more than just get you from A to B — and, without a doubt, this shoe has to be up there with the best.

The Alpine Rush can go toe-to-toe with just about anything you throw at it. It’s got some impressive credentials, able to match elite expectations and relentless wear in the harsh and howling outdoors.

Let’s take a closer look…

Enter the Matryx®

No, we’re not talking red pill or blue pill, but the Matryx® fabric wouldn’t look out of place on the set of an action movie, that’s for sure.

Crafted with alpine scrambles and sharp descents front of mind, Millet’s brainchild uses a dynamic mix of PU coated nylon and Kevlar (well-known for its ballistic and stab-resistant properties) to bring runners a shoe that can not only handle big impacts, but shake them off as though they never even happened.

This innovative material compound does it all (and more), and it’s pretty easy on the eye as well, which always helps!

Sure, this robust composite fiber construction provides high abrasion resistance on taxing surfaces and demanding mountainous ascents, but this is no one-trick pony.

Designed for those that venture that little bit further into the depths of nature, tackling mountains and brutish wilderness as they go, Millet have left no stone unturned…

Boasting a moisture-wicking hydrophobic coating thread that adds to the already exceptional breathability of the shoe – the Matryx® upper allows humidity and water to escape at rapid rates. And the satisfying glove like fit sees acute foot support that keeps you comfortable, prevents over-pronation and ensures you get the most from each and every stride.

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Alpine’s peak performance

Now we reach what Millet have named the Active Cushion System Light.

Contributing to the overall power and precision of the shoe, three lightweight premium sole designs have been combined into one harmonious structure:

Light EVA Midsole Top: Offering unbeatable comfort, cushioning and rebound across a multitude of surfaces, the midsole top gives the wearer added power and an agile feel.

HI Rebound EVA Midsole Bottom: This mid-layer, fused between the midsole top and outsole, is designed to deliver optimised energy return and energy absorption on landing (vital for runners combating steep, rocky terrain).

Michelin Mont-Blanc Light Outsole: Inspired by the Michelin M12XC mountain bike tire, the outsole has been co-developed for the Alpine Rush. It includes strong tread sculptures for traction and support on soft grounds, siped sculptures on the forefoot for adherence on wet rocks and a chamfered design for limited wear and tear.

Rush and run

We’ve been raving about this shoe for a while.

Its tough exterior makes it pretty much impenetrable (fuse Kevlar with durable Michelin rubber and it’s fair to say you’ve got yourself a resilient design).

The Alpine Rush also packs a punch when it comes down to weather proofing and comfort. The spring-loaded midsole brings together superb cushioning, energy absorption and power transfer, while the upper is both breathable and supportive.


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